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The Parish Council has received plans from the County Council for replacement of the Build Out in Ely Road. The overview of the proposal is here. Two pinch points are proposed to be added and the bus stop going out of the village re-located. Details of the first pinch point are here and of the second pinch point here. Details of the re-located bus stop are here.

The council's Traffic Management & Environmental Enhancement Working Party has reviewed the proposal and will be recommending some changes to the Parish Council. Those changes include the additional of a vehicle activated 30 mph sign, the re-located bus stop to be outside 5, 6 or 7 Ely Road and consideration of adding red surface treatment at each pinch point.


As you may have read in the Parish Council's newsletter, it is soon hoped that a Foodbank in Sutton will be set up and running by the autumn. Ely Foodbank will work with our volunteers to provide a collection and distribution service from this village and the Parish Council have already agreed to provide accommodation at The Glebe. When the Foodbank in Sutton is established 15 (or more) volunteers will be required (for about an hour and half per week, on a rota basis) to help run the service, and training will be provided before the service opens - which could be in October or early November.

To register interest in volunteering please e-mail prior to meetings being held in Ely at 3pm on 9th and 16th September – you will be very welcome !

For more background on the proposal click here.


Post-Hearing Modifications Consultation.

East Cambridgeshire District Council is consulting on the post-hearing 'Schedule of Proposed Mondifications' to the Local Plan.  This document seeks comments on the main changes that are required to ensure the soundness of the Local Plan.  The Schedule of Modifications (along with the revised Sustainability Appraisal and other supporting documents) is available on the Council's website at or can be viewed at the District Council Offices.

The closing date for comments is Friday 30th May 2014 (4.45pm).  Comments can be made online at:, or by email to or by post to: Forward Planning, ECDC, The Grange, Nutholt Lane, Ely, CB7 4EE.  For further information please contact the Forward Planning Team on 01353 665555 or  (22nd April 2014)


Over the past two months, Britain has been subjected to some severe weather. We have just had the wettest January in over 200 years and February has continued this trend. The Met Office now forecasts that more severe weather may hit our region this afternoon and persist throughout the rest of the week. UK Power Networks is therefore monitoring the weather extremely closely and maintaining its preparations in readiness for any impact on its network.

Weather Forecast
Today a National Severe Weather Warning has been issued across the whole of England and Wales for gale force winds.

For UK Power Networks’ regions, the Met Office forecasts wind speeds of 45-55mph in our South East network on the night of 12 February. There may also be gusts of up to 70mph on the coast. These winds are expected to move up to the more exposed areas of our Eastern network with gusts up to 60mph being predicted. The storm is expected to die down in the early hours of the morning of 13 February.

A band of heavy rain is also forecast for the afternoon of 12 February, moving eastwards across our networks, with up to 10mm of rainfall predicted. This will give way to more showery conditions by the evening.

Further severe weather is then forecast on the morning of 14 February, continuing through to 15 February. Gale force winds and heavy rain are forecast on 15 February, with gusts of up to 75mph expected across our both our Eastern and South Eastern networks.

We are in the process of securing extra resources, including linesmen and scouts, to be mobilised for both the Eastern and South Eastern network areas. Calls are being made throughout the business and our contractors to find these extra resources.

Later today a conference call between all DNOs will be taking place to discuss the possibility of providing staff to assist in repairing the most affected networks. However, if the storm materialises and is, as currently forecast, a national event, it is likely that the extent of assistance that other DNOs can provide will be limited.

UK Power Networks’ specially trained staff, known as Customer Champions, have also been put on stand-by.

Contacting UK Power Networks
In communication with customers, we urge the public to stay well clear from power lines and anyone spotting a damaged power line needs to report it to UK Power Networks.

To report any power cuts and damaged lines on free helplines, please refer customers to the following numbers: In the South East call 0800 783 8866 or 01243 50 8866 for mobile users and in the East of England call 0800 783 8838 or 01243 50 8838 for mobile users. You can also see and follow the company on twitter for updates. 

Preparing for a power cut
Below is some advice on how our customers can prepare for a power cut:
 Keep our freephone number handy
 See the website for some useful videos offering you advice during a power cut.
 Keep spare batteries for radios and torches – local radio stations often broadcast helpful information
 Keep an old-fashioned corded phone which you can plug in, as cordless phones won’t work in the event of a power cut
 Dress warmly in several layers of clothing, stay in one room or even get into bed
 Take care if using candles, tea-lights and other naked flames
 Keep fridges and freezers closed, with a blanket over as they will stay cold for many hours
 Switch off all your electrical equipment, except one light which will let you know when the power comes back on
 Remember the street lights may also be off so take care if you go out
 Look out for elderly neighbours; please consider taking them a flask of hot water round or hot food

We would be grateful if you could forward this email to your contacts.

Kind regards,

Stakeholder Engagement Team

UK Power Networks
Newington House
237 Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 6NP



The Parish Council and Sutton-in-the-Isle Play Project (SIPP) are celebrating after learning that £40,000 has been awarded to Sutton for improvements to the Stirling Way play area. At the end of November the Parish Council was notified of grants available from the AmeyCespa Cambridgeshire Community Challenge Fund but with a very tight deadline for applications. SIPP had already started to work with the Parish Council on plans for play area improvements, and together the two groups were able to prepare, agree and submit an application by the 10th January deadline.

Three play equipment suppliers were asked to draw up plans for the improvements using the results of a survey conducted by SIPP in the summer. All three proposals were presented to the Parish Council at a meeting in early January and the best option chosen. With the grant confirmed work will begin very shortly and all of the improvements should be in place before the end of March. (16th January 2014)


As you may have read in the Council's November Monthly Update the Parish Council is bidding for funds to replace the build-out at the Ely Road entrance to the village with a more effective way of slowing traffic coming into the village. This bid is to the County Council's Local Minor Highways Improvements scheme and as part of the bid application the Parish Council needs to demonstrate local support.  A petition has therefore been created to collect names in support of the bid, click here to sign the petition if you what to add your support.
(3rd January 2014)


The Parish Council has installed three new dog waste bins in the village to help address problems of dog fouling. The new bins are at the bottom of Station Road (east of Bow Cottages), on the corner of Mepal Road and Ely Road and between the Pavilion car park and football pitches at the Brooklands Centre. The broken dog waste bin on The America has also been replaced. (16th December 2013)


This £1million scheme aims to increase understanding of the role of the washlands; promote the area as a visitor destination; involve communities in maintaining the landscape; and provide training in conservation and heritage. The Parish Council has set up a working party with the Conservation Society to make sure Sutton benefits as much as possible from the various projects in the scheme, and to bid for one or more of the small grants that will be available fort village projects.

Like all our working parties, it is open to any parishioner to join.  If you are interested, contact the Parish Council by e-mail, or phone 777189, or call at the Parish Office between 10am and 12noon Monday to Thursday.



Details of the traffic management plans for a new 40mph zone on Chain Causeway to slow traffice before it reaches The America are now available. Click here to see a plan of the scheme which starts just to the east of South Fen Farm and runs through to the existing 30mph limit. Click here for the details of the gateway feature which will be located at the start of the 40mph limit. (30th October 2013)



Good news!  The County Council has just told us that our bid has been successful!  This means the scheme to slow traffic as it comes into the village at the bottom of the America can go ahead.
The next step is for the County Council to do detailed work to establish a firm cost and timetable.  They will meet most of the cost but we have the money for our contribution set aside in our budget.
We’ll let you know as soon as we hear more about the timetable. (27th June 2013)


ECDC has recently re-tendered the contract for the Paper Banks and the Tins & Can Banks at the recycling bank sites throughout the district and they have been awarded to different companies.

The paper banks are due to be changed over next week by our new contractor (Palm Paper), they have arranged with the existing contractor to remove and replace the banks with the same vehicle to avoid multiple vehicle movements, this will also ensure that banks remain in their current locations.

The tin & can bank contract has been awarded to AmeyCespa who currently provide the plastic bottle banks, they are planning to combine the plastic and can banks as at present the plastic banks are emptied either once or twice a week depending on how busy the site is, they are also liaising with the current contractor (Viridor) regarding the removal of the can banks and marking up the existing plastic banks at the same time to avoid confusion for residents.  (21st March 2013).