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Welcome to the Sutton Parish Council website!

Your online resource for the village of Sutton

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The Parish Council

Parish Councils are the first tier of local government. Sutton Parish Council covers the parish of Sutton, including Sutton village, the hamlet of Sutton Gault and surrounding countryside.

Parish councils have powers to provide facilities themselves, or they can contribute towards facilities provided by others. In Sutton, the Parish Council directly provides services such as the burial ground, allotments and play park, and community facilities including the Glebe, Pavilion, Community Room and playing fields. It also supports the youth club and other services used by Sutton residents such as Dial-a-Ride and Citizen's Advice Bureau through grants. It also contributes to services provided by others, for example contributing towards the traffic management schemes in the village provided by the County Council. Further details of a number of local services and who provides them are provided elsewhere on this website. The Parish Council is funded through part of the Council Tax but also receives income from other sources such as from the hiring of facilities, and by applying for grants.

Action Plan

The Parish Council has prioritised it activities and projects that it hopes to continue or complete each year. Please click here for the Action Plan.  The 2019/2020 Action Plan will be considered by Full Council at its meeting on the 28th May 2019.

Parish Councillors

The 15 members of the council are elected for a term of 4 years. A co-option may occur in the event of a vacant seat during the term of office. Members of the council serve their community on a voluntary basis.

List of Parish Councillors
Name Address Phone No.
and/or Email
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Mr Bob Browne

134 High Street, Sutton



Mr Brett Collard

117 High Street, Sutton

775102 or 07856702632


Mr Ian Dewar

18 High Street, Sutton



Miss Diana Finn

15 Mepal Road





Mr Brendan Goodjohn

2 Darbys Yard, Sutton




Mr Bob Harker

17 High Street, Sutton



Mr Mark Inskip

28 The America, Sutton

07764 566319 


Mr Andrew Newton

6 Bellairs, Sutton. 



Mrs Shelagh Partington

Markfield 86 The Row, Sutton




Ms Liz Ruse

Broadpiece House, Sutton Gault




Miss Beth Skelham

3a Victora Green, Sutton.




Mr Stanley Smith

1a Pound Lane, Sutton




Mrs Helen Wales

34 Garden Close,




Mr Brian Watson

6 Windmill Walk, Sutton



Mrs Jessica Webb

22d High Street, Sutton



County Councillor
Name Address Phone No.

Lorna Dupré

Inglefield, 119 High Street, Sutton 07930 337596

District Councillors
Name Address Phone No.
Lorna Dupré Inglefield, 119 High Street, Sutton 07930 337596
Mark Inskip 28 The America, Sutton.  07764 566319


Member of Parliment for North East Cambridgeshire
Name Address Phone No.
Steve Barclay Cromwell House
Wisbech Road
PE15 8EB
01354 656635