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Welcome to the Sutton Parish Council website!

Your online resource for the village of Sutton

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The Parish Council has a number of statutory regulations and polices.

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Broadcasting & the use of social media at council meetings policy  (adopted August 2014)

Business Continuity Plan (adopted 22nd July 2014)

CCTV Policy

Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy July 2019

Code of Conduct 2012 (Revision adopted 26th October 2013)

Code of Conduct Complaints Policy (adopted on 26th March 2013)

Complaints Policy (Administration) (Revised September 2016)

Complaints Form (Adopted September 2016)

Crime and Disorder Policy  (Revised June 2017)

Dignity at Work/Bullying and Harassment Policy (adopted October 2015)

Disability Discrimination Policy

Emergancy Plan Policy  (Adopted November 2016)

Equality and Diversity Policy (adopted June 2014)

Equal Opportunity Policy

Financial Regulations (Revised August 2016)

Grant Policy & Application Form (Approved August 2016)

Investment Policy (adopted August 2017)

IT Policy (Revised September 2016)

Pensions Policy

Personnel Committee - Terms of Reference (adopted on May 2018)

Policy for dealing with unreasonable complainant behaviour

Policy on the correct handling and safekeeping of Disclosure Information

Policy on the Recruitment of Ex-Offenders (Updated 12th October 2015)

Press and Media Policy (adopted 19th May 2015)

Records Management Policy (approved May 2018)

Smoke Free Policy (adopted June 2014)

Staff Recruitment Policy (Updated 12th October 2015)

Staff & Member Training Policy (Updated 12th October 2015)

Standing Orders 2018 (adopted on 27th August 2018)

Tree Management Policy (Adopted September 2016)

Use of Inflatables on Parish Council Premises Policy (Adopted 27th August 2018)

Volunteer Policy (adopted 24th November 2014)