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Welcome to the Sutton Parish Council website!

Your online resource for the village of Sutton

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Planning applications are considered by the Full Council at its meetings which are normally on the 4th Tuesday evening of every month.

The role of Sutton Parish Council is to respond to planning applications sent to us by the Local Planning Authorities, East Cambridgeshire District Council or Cambridgeshire County Council. The Parish Council does not have a power to determine planning applications, their role is to make recommendations to the planning authorities based on material planning considerations.

If you would like to view plans that are submitted to the Parish Council, please use the East Cambs District Council Planning Portal by clicking here for applications to be decided by the district council or the Cambridgeshire County Council Planning Portal by click here for applications to be decided by the county council.

All responses to applications should be addressed to the Local Planning Authority, however it is useful if a copy could be sent to the parish council, in order that the council can consider your points whilst considering their recommendation.

An easy-to-use website about planning has been developed by Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).  It will:

  • show you how to respond to planning applications
  • guide you through the planning maze
  • explain planning jargon
  • help you get involved in planning decisions that shape where you live


Sutton Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan

To find out more about our Neighbourhood plan, please click here

SUTTON VISION - Presentation Event

The presentation event held at the Glebe on 7th August 2012 discussed what is best for Sutton in planning terms, for example, the scale of development that is needed  and the location of a site for the building of 50 dwellings in the village. This followed a previous village wide consultation on a wide range of planning issues including feedback on the preferred size and location of any new development outside the existing development envelope.

Click here for the Agenda for the 7th August 2012  Event.

Click here for the draft 'Sutton Vision'

Click here for the 'Key Questions'

Click here for the map showing the proposed locations

Background on the Sutton Vision

East Cambridgeshire District Council has been working in partnership with local people and the Parish Council to draw up a long-term Vision for Sutton. The Vision sets out how Sutton should develop/improve over the next 20 years. It looks at issues such as:

• local housing needs
• employment opportunities
• sites for development
• the quality of the local environment
• infrastructure and facilities – whether to protect and/or improve

The Vision will be used to guide decisions on future development and planning applications. It will also help ensure that key infrastructure and facilities are retained and enhanced. The Vision will be included in the statutory development plan for the East Cambridgeshire - known as the ‘Core Strategy’.