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Welcome to the Sutton Parish Council website!

Your online resource for the village of Sutton

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Minutes of earlier Full Council Meetings

Full Council Agendas & Minutes 2014
Agendas Minutes Agendas Minutes
7th January 7th January 28th January 28th January
25th February 25th February 25th March 25th March
22nd April 22nd April 27th May 27th May
24th June 24th June 22nd July 22nd July
26th August 26th August 9th September 9th September
23rd September 23rd September 28th October 28th October
25th November 25th November 9th December 9th December
Full Council Agendas & Minutes 2013
Agendas Minutes Agendas Minutes
22nd January 22nd January 26th February 26th February
26th March 26th March 23rd April 23rd April
28th May 28th May 25th June 25th June
23rd July 23rd July 27th August 27th August
24th September 24th September 22nd October 22nd October
26th November 26th November 10th December 10th December
Full Council Agendas & Minutes 2012
Agendas Minutes Agendas Minutes
10th January 10th January 24th January 24th January
14th February 14th February 28th Feburary 28th February
13th March 13th March 27th March 27th March
10th April 10th April 24th April 24th April
8th May (AGM) 8th May (AGM) 22nd May 22nd May
19th June 19th June 3rd July 3rd July
24th July 24th July 13th August 13th August
28th August 28th August 25th September 25th September
23rd October 23rd October 27th November 27th November
11th December 11th December    
Full Council Agendas & Minutes 2011
Agendas Minutes Agendas Minutes
11th January 11th January 8th February 8th February
8th March 8th March 5th April 5th April
12th April 12th April 26th April 26th April
17th May (AGM) 17th May (AGM) 7th June 7th June
28th June 28th June 12th July 12th July
16th August 16th August 30th August 30th August
13th September 13th September 11th October 11th October
25th October 25th October 8th November 8th November
22nd November 22nd November 13th December 13th December
Full Council Minutes 2010
12th January 9th February 9th March 13th April
11th May (AGM) 8th June 29th June 13th July
4th August 10th August 18th August 14th September
11th October 12th October 9th November 14th December
Full Council Minutes 2009
13th January 10th February 10th March 14th April
12th May (AGM) 9th June 14th July 11th August
8th September 13th October 10th November 8th December
Full Council Minutes 2008
8th January 12th February 11th March 8th April
13th May (AGM) 10th June 8th July 12th August
9th September 14th October 11th November 1st December
9th December      


Full Council Minutes 2007
9th January 13th February 13th March 10th April
24th April 15th May (AGM) 12th June 26th June
10th July 14th August 11th September 9th October
13th November 11th December